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HGV Compliance Checks & You

HGV Daily Walkaround Checks, Compliance & You


Ensuring your fleet is compliant Is vital for a transport business of any size. The safety of your drivers, other road users & pedestrians is paramount and daily walk checks are a key part of the system that gives you, as an operator, peace of mind that your business is doing the right things. To find out more, check out the DVSA Guide To Maintaining Roadworthiness


The DVSA has stated in the past that up to 80% of failures at road side checks, could and should have been prevented if the correct daily workaround checks had been performed. Which is a staggering figure that makes you realise just how important these checks are.

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To give you some figures, back in 2015/16 out of the 29,000 roadside checks performed, almost 9,000 were given a prohibition notice, certainly not something you want as an operator.

The penalties for serious breaches are high, including fines, bans and even imprisonment if deemed serious enough.

As you can see, overall, ensuring your drivers perform their walk around checks is a no-brainer!

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