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Do you know if you're still over the limit?

Police Breathalyser

As of 5th December 2014 the Scottish drink driving limit is being reduced by almost half, from 80mg to 50mg which brings Scotland’s drink driving law more in line with mainland Europe.

With the change in law in Scotland and the festive season on its way in general, it’s a good idea to realise how long alcohol can stay in your body and that you could well still be over the limit the morning after the night before. This should be a concern not only for the safety of you, fellow road users, pedestrians & passengers but also for your driving license. If you rely on that for your job or for anything else – why risk it?

Car accident

There are a number of ways to test whether you are over the limit or not, the most reliable way is with a Fuel Cell breathalyser, the same type of breathalyser as the Police use. These are much more accurate than for example semiconductor type testers and the small disposable breathalysers available on the market – although these do give a rough indication at least.

Alcodigital Platinum

TachPro have teamed up with Alcodigital to bring to you a great range of fuel cell breathalysers which are ideal for personal use, for offices, for transport operators and for any business that wants to ensure the safety of their employees and others.

Take a look here for our full range…..


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