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What are dash cameras, and why should you consider buying one?

Over the past few years, dash cameras have become increasingly more popular in certain parts of the world. This sudden surge in interest is, in part, due to the viral popularity of videos from Russian dash cams that have been posted on YouTube and various other places on the internet. Besides some of the more grim incidents that have been captured on film, one of the most well-known events that brought significant awareness to dash cameras was the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor, where online news websites and mainstream media alike used footage from a number of different vehicles to show the descent and resulting explosion from a variety of angles (if you've never seen it, check out the video below).

Silent Witness SW010 HD In Car Dash Camera

Despite the impressive nature of the situation, capturing extraterrestrial objects is not the primary purpose of dash cameras, nor is it to film crashes to post on social media which will inevitably gain thousands of views. Instead, they are used as a form of sousveillance (ground or human-level recording, as opposed to surveillance which is usually from above), which in turn can be used as court evidence against insurance fraud, police corruption and theft. In some countries, this is considered to be far more valuable from a legal perspective than an eyewitness account, given the fact that it is both reliable and unbiased. While this does seem to be a sensible stance, it does raise some concerns about the invasion of privacy for members of the public, which has led to them being banned or restricted in certain countries. If you have, or are considering buying a dash camera, we recommend you always check the legal stance of the country you are in.

The use of dash cams in the UK is legal, so long as it does not obscure your view as a driver. In a number of ways, they are very similar to using a GPS - they can be mounted via suction cups or friction mounts, are usually powered via batteries, charged using your cigarette lighter or hardwired into your vehicle so that it turns on with the engine, and are generally fairly easy to setup and use with no need to interact with it while you're actually driving. With video technology becoming vastly more advanced, HD resolution dash cameras are very affordably priced, allowing you to capture the highest quality footage possible. Whether you want to share an amusing roadside incident or registration plate with friends and family, capture a timelapse video of a long drive, or simply reduce your insurance premium, a dash camera is likely going to be a worthwhile investment for your vehicle.

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(Footage of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor - courtesy of Asteroid Day on YouTube)

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